Uses of Hemp and its Benefits

Hemp can be used to replace around 25,000 different things that can completely eradicate the non-environment friendly objects to something biodegradable and Eco-friendly which is the best need of our time. Hemp contains 70% cellulose compared to wood 40%, Flax 75% and cotton 90% which makes hemp a better choice with its favourable growing character and low environmental impact.

GoldStar: The choice of every customer

Universal Group initiated by Noor Pratap Rana during 1970s and later inherited by his son Amrit Rana is the footwear industry that has ever been known for its durable and quality product within the budget that fits almost every customers. 

We are soon bringing you a variety of incense fragrance

Burning incense has been deeply rooted from ages in the history, promoted in different culture at various corner of the world. During the time of the Buddha, over 2500 years ago, these medicinal and monastic formulas were developed by combining many different ingredients.