Universal Group initiated by Noor Pratap Rana during 1970s and later inherited by his son Amrit Rana is the footwear industry that has ever been known for its durable and quality product within the budget that fits almost every customers. GoldStar was a brand launched in 1990s to serve the customer with the aim to provide value for money. The robust brand made with genuine materials and modern technology is a real star in the footwear industry of Nepal and did never require to focus on expensive advertisement to enhance its product sell.

Make it yours from Gold Star Shoes Collection

GoldStar being able to maintain its identity in the footwear market was initially famous in among older generation for its comfortable and durable functional attribute. Later the concentration of the brand on fashionable designs yet with comfortable and reasonable price attract additional young customers towards the brand.

GoldStar has the wide range of shoes with pleasant design and color alternatives that meets the requirement of customer of every age group either male or female. The shoes are best choice for sport, morning walks, exercise routine, hiking and casual wear due this stylish and comfortable designs within reasonable price. Today, GoldStar has become a regional name. The one we all can drool over and take pride in owning.

The brand has always prioritized the R&D of new cutting edge products, technology and customer service to expand the business into a new market. GoldStar has not just been a famous brand nationally but also have been able to establish strong business relationships internationally. It has been fortunate to receive national recognition as a progressive and extremely well managed business through best exporter award. GoldStar’s success at these awards is an endorsement of the high caliber and quality of Footwear Industries' management and staff and their dedication to cutting edge technologies in R&D which enhance the overall well-being, safety and comfort of the company's clients.

Make it yours from Gold Star Shoes Collection