Healing Bodhi seed Bracelet

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  • Healing Bodhi seed Bracelet - Pasal
  • Healing Bodhi seed Bracelet - Pasal
  • Healing Bodhi seed Bracelet - Pasal
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This is  Bodhi seed handmade adjustable bracelet, the size of seed are about 16 mm. 

The Spiritual Significance of Bodhi Seeds. Bodhi seeds are usually used without being polished so they have small ridges or veins showing and they are a solid color. Name and Meaning. Bodhi in Sanskrit translates to “enlightened” or "awakened,


Buddha chitta commonly referred as 'Bodhi ', 'Bodhi chitta mala' or 'buddha mala' is a string of mala beads that are made from the natural seeds from Buddha chitta plant. Ziziphus budhensis, the scientific name for buddha chitta plant is a species of plant in the family endemic to the of in Central Nepal. 'Buddha chitta' or 'Ziziphus Budhensis' is clearly different from the species of 'Ziziphus' already known to grow in Nepal, and it did not match with the Ziziphus species reported to be found in India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and China.

Natural buddha chitta seed is light brown skin in color and have grip like texture. All Buddha chitta mala seeds have distinctive innate symbolic face (mukhi) pattern embedded in them. These symbolic mukhi patterns also come in various forms, for example, most common ones are two mukhi pattern, they also come in three, four, five and six mukhi patterns. Buddha chitta mala seed varies in size also. Buddha chitta mala garlands are used by Buddhist people for worship to ‘delight Lord Buddha’ and for spiritual peace





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