We have variety of pure and natural hand made Tibetan Incense collectively made out of various aromatic herbs found in high altitude regions of Tibet & the plains of Nepal. These herbal medicated incense are made under the strict control of traditional Tibetan monks and craftsmen under the key instructions of renowned herbs master. The Incense is widely used for meditation, relaxation, healing and cleansing one's environment.  It delivers an aroma which can help to soothe and calm a restless mind.
The benefits of burning incense are;
  • Enhance Concentration & Focus: During study or at doing any other work which needs concentration, the use of specific incenses enables clear thinking and helps in developing a state of complete awareness.
  • Simulate Creativity: The earthy and botanical scents of incense can put one in a dream like state where the imagination is set free to roam and, therefore, simulate creativity.
  • Increase Motivation: Certain incense smoke has antibacterial, fungicidal and insecticidal properties and, therefore, really helps to purify the air. The pure air is like healthy food for brain and body, resulting in an increase motivation and positive energy.
  • Boost Confidence: Burning incense can really help in your big dates and big test as it help increased focus, creativity, and motivation which naturally enhance confidence.
  • Heighten Sexual Desire: Everyone knows that pheromones are nature’s aphrodisiac, which is why they are used in perfumes to attract the opposite sex. Similarly, by indulging the sense of smell, incense acts as a powerful aphrodisiac to stimulate sexual appetite and increase sexual attraction.
  • Preventing Infections: Many types of incense have antibacterial properties and can be used as a disinfectant to kill germs in the environment to help prevent from various infections.
  • Fighting Depression: A study from an international team of scientists has discovered that burning frankincense (resin from the Boswellia plant) activates poorly understood ion channels in the brain that alleviate anxiety or depression.
  • Reducing Anxiety & Tension: Aromas of certain incense helps to slow down the heart rate and soothe nerves. These calming effects help to relieve built up tension in the muscles, enabling incense to also be used as a muscle relaxer.
  • Aids Insomnia: As a result of the calming effects of burning incense and the sedative properties of incense make it a great natural treatment to aid insomnia to induce sleep.

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