Paper Lanterns Colorful Round Handmade with Metal Frame

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Paper Lanterns Colorful Round Handmade with Metal Frame


  • Top quality hand-made Paper Lanterns with metal frame. You just need to open it and insert the skeleton expanded inside, and then it expands lantern shape. Easy to assemble, use and store flat for reuse .
  • Assorted Colors: Paper Lanterns color include red, blue, pink, fruit green, light yellow, purple, light blue, white, rose red, orange. These beautiful in bright color lanterns can give you a wide variety to make excellent backdrop or atmosphere, or even just hang around the room.
  • Various Sizes: 2 pieces for 12 inch, 2 pieces for 10 inch, 3 pieces for 8 inch, 3 pieces for 6 inch, 10 pieces in total. These sizes and color lanterns can fulfill your different needs to create a pop of color and brightness to your outdoor/indoor party.
  • Reusable and Multipurpose: you can easily fold them and store to use again. String the lanterns together, hang from umbrellas, the ceilings, veranda, tree branches etc. , or place LED lights inside to liven up the occasion.
  • Paper Lanterns are Perfect for birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, classic candy buffets, celebration occasions, anniversary party even engagement hotel entertainment or home decoration, crafts etc.

1.Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
2.Paper lanterns are usually suited to ambient lighting. If brighter lighting is required, please pay attention to match bulb wattage with lantern size. Because these bulbs heat up while in use and can be a fire hazard.

10 x Paper Lanterns Colorful Round Handmade with Metal Frame

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