Akabare Pickle

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  • Akabare Pickle - Pasal
  • Akabare Pickle - Pasal
  • Akabare Pickle - Pasal

Spread in the toast or in Raps and sandwiches. It is bound to give you a distinctive flavor and a shuttle kick. It is bound to go with any meal.
Its widely consumed across the country and is eaten raw by the hill tribes, famous for its aggressive heat but incredible flavor. People eat them raw for their medicinal values while boasting their addictive nature. Mainly they are consumed in a pickle or fermented form.There isn’t much information about this elusive pepper, partly because it is not widely available outside of Nepal. However, the few outsiders who have trekked all the way to its native lands to sample it, have nothing but positive things to say about it. It’s not your average pepper though. The first thing that is quite unique about the Akabare pepper is that, while the initial kick is quite spicy(exact Scoville measurements are not available).
Net Weight: 400 Gm.
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