Black Hand Carved Mantra Bead Bracelet

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1. As one of seven treasures in Buddhism, obsidian collects strong power in itself and thus has been using as a sort of talismans or amulets since ancient times, capable of removing pressure, fatigue, foul smell and other negative energies.
2. Pi Yao also known as Pi Xiu, Pi Xie, it's a Symbol Traditional of Protection, Luck and Richesse in Asia.It is believed to bring fortune, good tidings and protection to his owner.  
3. This sanskrit mantra honours Ganesh - Ganesh embodies wisdom, new beginnings, and is the remover of obstacles.
4. Bead diameter:10mm;the total number of beads:16pcs Black Bead and 2 pcs Golden Bead. Bracelet length is adjustable

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