Dream Catcher Handmade Capture Dream Hanging Decoration Craft Gift


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  • Handmade: Made of high quality, environmentally friendly and natural materials, including wooden beads, iron rings, cotton threads.
  • Dream Catcher is one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. Traditional dream catchers are designed to protect sleeping individuals from negative dreams while allowing positive dreams to pass.
  • Hanging a dream catcher on the bed, used to protect the charm of sleeping people. The nightmare goes through the cave and out of the window;
  • Perfect for hanging in the living room, house, window or car decoration or to avoid evil. Helps you create unique signature styles and creative interiors for homes, offices, cafes, clubs and artists.
  • Dream catcher represents blessings. Peace, We wish you good luck. It is the ideal gift for you and your family, your children, your friends or those who experience nightmares and pains.