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Gahat (horse gram) is one of the varieties of daal (lentil) mainly consumed in terai and hilly regions of Nepal. Gahat is full of protein, iron and calcium, and it also helps in losing weight.

Like any other varieties of dall, this Gahat ko Dall is also either cooked by itself or combined and cooked with vegetables, rice, and other ingredients.  When cooked daal is paired with rice, the meal is called dall-bhaat and this combination is eaten throughout Nepal. 

Gahat has been found to have many medicinal benefits such as for diarrhea, stomached, hemorrhoids and menstrual disorders. It has also been found useful for kidney stone, weak liver, gall stone, hypertension and excessive perspiration.  Many of us might remember our mom and grandma cooking gahatko jhol (horse gram lentil soup) during winter. 

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