Ideal Home Backflow Incense Burner Waterfall Handmade Ceramic 5 Layers Vase Shaped with 100 Cones For Home Office Decoration Handicraft Aromatherapy

This ceramic incense burner is shaped by hand, and then fired at a high temperature of thousands of degrees. The appearance is smooth, and the colour effect of the kiln glaze changes, which makes each incense burner have a unique pattern. The 6 small trays in the incense burner can allow the smoke to flow alternately from left to right, thereby achieving a beautiful visual experience. After burning, it will leave traces of oil on the burner, just rinse with water and gently wipe it. The elegant shape allows the incense burner to be placed in your home, bedroom, living room, study, yoga room, or office and other indoor places. With your favorite incense, you will be immersed in the scent. The lake blue design is unisex. It can be given as a birthday gift to your family, friends and colleagues. This is not only an ordinary censer, but also a pleasure to watch the scent. This can also exercise your child's concentration.You will receive a nice incense burner and about 100 pieces of backflow incense (different colors and mixed aromas). Each incense can burn for about 8-10 minutes, but the scent can be maintained indoors for up to 8-10 hours .
Colour:Lake Blue
Size:Vase Shaped / 5 Layers
Size: 20.5 x 10.5 CM / 10 x 4.1 INCH
Colour: Lake Blue