Dice Crown and Anchor Langur Burja without Mat


Set of 6 Dices with ' spades', 'hearts', 'diamonds', 'clubs',  'crown' and a 'flag'

Also can be used in a Crown and Anchor Game.  It's an entertaining gambling game played among friends and families in Nepalese Festivals such as Dashain and Tihar.

Three sizes available.
Medium- 3.0 cm

Choose the variation (Size-with Mat) to include Mat. Mat size (95 cm x 63 cm) ( MAT NOT AVAILABLE NOW)


Jhandi Munda is a traditional betting game played in Nepal and India.

Jhandi Munda is played with six, six-sided dice. There are six different symbols on each of the sides of the dice (these are a heart, a spade, a diamond, a club, a face, and a flag). Players bet on which symbol will appear face up the most often. The dice are then rolled and the symbol that appears most often wins.

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