Pink Circle Handmade Dream Catchers for Girls Bedroom Wall Hanging Decorations Ornaments Craft

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  • Enron Falls Asleep: Only good dreams can slip through the net hole and down the feathers to the sleeping person, while nightmares will be trapped in the net and disappear without a trace in the next day's sunlight
  • Premium Material: Woven with thicker strings and leathers, this dream catcher has excellent durability, guarding your sweet dreams for a long time. The feathers are weatherproof that can be used as decor for outdoor parties
  • Exquisite Handmade Ornaments: Featuring a pure pink color and lace flower design, this dream catcher is so elegant and romantic. Come with some fluffy feathers and high quality gemstones, these beautiful dream catchers will create a romantic atmosphere for you
  • Ideal Hanging Decoration: With its pink color, this dream catcher is an ideal decoration for a romantic engagement party. Also as ideal home decoration, 
  • Sincere Gift: The beautiful and pure dreamcatcher has brought more and more good blessings to people. You can give it to yourself or to your dearest friends and family to express your wish: to have a sweet and colorful dream
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