RFID SIim Wallet with Money Clip Wallet

RFID Safety:

Protects Against Access By NFC Equipped Smartphones Which Can Read The Data on Your Cards Chip by Tapping Your Unprotected Wallet We Have Testimonials From Customers Showing How Effective They Have Proven to Be When Put to The Test in Various Situations. Protect Any Card's Magnetic Stripes and Data Contacts Against Wear

Materials: Genuine Leather
Suitable: Men
Occasions:Daily Life, Working,Business
Hold up to 8 credit, debit and other cards
Protect all 8 cards from electronic pickpocketing
Slim down your pocket
Wallet outer Thumb Slot without RFID Blocking Materials,Pls put normal card here,But,Inner Wallet slots with RFID Blocking Materials,Please Put Bank card or ID here