Skinny Hemp Tie

This Men's Skinny Hemp Neck Tie will complement any outfit and is ideal for special occasions such as weddings, christenings or even work.

Made from the combination of hemp and bamboo fabrics using sustainable design methods, this tie is environmentally friendly and classy in design. The combination of these fibers results in one of the finest natural fabric available out there which gives our tie a unique texture and look to it. Each tie is handmade to better fit your style. Each tie is designed to be packaged in a special box.

This tie will make a Perfect Gift.

"Handmade in Nepal"

Fabric Content:
30% Hemp, 50% Bamboo, 20% Organic Cotton Light Weight Woven

Care Instructions:
Eco Machine Wash Cold Wash, Hang Dry, Avoid Dryer

Size Guide:
Length- 143 cm
Width- 7.2 cm (Bottom), 2.2 cm (Top)

Note: Color may Slightly Vary.