6 Boxes of Stamford Black Incense Sticks 1 of each Fairys Mist Witches Curse Demons Lust Angels Touch Dragons Fire Vampires Kiss

FAIRY'S MIST: White Rose. Fill the air with a mystical sense of calm and let fairy's mist guide you along the tranquil paths of Nirvana.

WITCHES' CURSE: Aloe Vera. Release yourself from a witches curse with this purifying aroma, clear the air of all negativity and bring you back to serenity. 

DEMON'S LUST: Green Oriental. Let the sensuous aromas of demon's lust guide you into a world of overwhelming desire.

ANGEL'S TOUCH: Sweet Powdery Floral. Sit back, relax and enjoy Angel's touch as the aromas of this incense infuse the air around you.

DRAGON'S FIRE: Red Rose. Take yourself to a land of mystery and calm with this unique blend of hot perfumes in dragon's fire.

VAMPIRE'S KISS: Musky. Heighten your senses and create an inner feeling of power and control as you burn the incense of vampire's kiss.