Starchef Stainless Steel Crinkle Cutter Potato Chips Cutter Vegetable Wavy Blade Cutter(Black) …

Product Specifications


  • Brand Name:Starchef



  • SUITABLE FOR VEGETABLE AND FRUIT-The crinkle blade is well polished and sharp which makes it quite suitable to cut potatoes,carrots and many other vegetable and fruits.fairly
  • STURDY AND DURABLE ENOUGH-The premium stainless steel blade is tightly embedded in the rubber grip so that it is fairly sturdy and durable for effortless slicing.
  • SOFT RUBBER GRIP- The anti-slip rubber grip makes it more secure and comfortable when doing the slicing work.
  • EASY TO CLEAN-Without any welding craft,our potato crinkle cutter is very easy to clean.Please wipe it with dry towel after wash for better maintenance.
Product Description :

Howdy!Welcome to Starchef mall~Now please slow down your step and take a round here.Choose Starchef.Be a chef star!

To make delicious food,you need certain tools to help you.To make tasty crinkle food,you need a nice crinkle cutter which is easy to handle and effective.

With this crinkle cutter,you can make so many crinkle patterns of potatoes,carrots,cucumbers and so on.

The crinkle blade is specially polished,making it sharp enough to make crinkle patterns.That is exactly what we want!

The anti-slip pad on the top is added to make it more comfortable when cutting,as well as making it more secure.

To make crinkle potato pieces,it is a piece of cake!

Also quite suitable to make waffles!Can not wait to taste them right now!

Why still hesitate?Come on~Own it right now!You deserve a nice crinkle cutter!