Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Hand Hammered Meditation Music Bowl for Meditation Relaxation Stress Anxiety Relief 9 cm

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This is a full set of meditation bowl with the wooden striker and hand sewn round cushion. Made of high-quality brass and handmade to create an ambiance for emotional calming & healing. Reduce stress, initiate healing, and welcome silence with a single strike. It's the perfect Singing Bowl for school teachers, yoga teachers, parents, beginners, and seasoned collectors alike. Gently tap the mallet in one hand to the outside and inside edges of the bowl or play it around the rim which create unique tones with a beautiful peaceful calming and relaxing sound.

Small Size and Easy to Carry -
9 x 5 cm, 3.54 Diameter
Approx 1.96 inches height
Approx 209 grams weight

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