Tiger Eye Bead Stretchy Elastic Bracelet Natural Energy Stone

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Our bracelets are made of real natural tiger eye stone beads. 
Each of them was selected carefully to make this truly one of a kind unique bracelet.

About 7.5 inches long. 
Bead Dial: 12 MM. 
It is threaded with 17 pcs tiger eye beads by a strong elastic band. 
Offers the most comfortable and durable wearing experience.

Tiger Eye is a powerful stone of good luck and protection and can protect from the "evil eye".
It is a very grounding stone and can bring mental clarity, focus and emotional balance. 
Use it carefully to bring insight and it can make you very lucky. 
Increase willpower, positive attitude and confidence.
Meditation with tiger Eye arouses strength needed to face difficulties and overcome life's challenges.
Unisex. Good Matching for Men and Women.

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