Zen Light Big Statue Buddha Meditation Bronze 15 cm

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Large statue Buddha product precious statue representing a Buddha in product position. Made of resin, the finishes are of excellent quality. Few words in zen 'aroma: Born in the sun, on the azure coast, zen' aroma is the result of marriage between knowledge in terms of product design, design and when offering products for the well-being of all. We disentangle our own inspired models of Nature, the newspaper, of what surrounds us and mettons in practice our knowledge to make a simple idea a true object. Believe there are more than 10 years, Zen 'aroma today offers the largest range of diffusers of essential oils and indoor sources. Every day, we are inspired by what nature offers best.
Excellent finishes

Big size
size: 37.5 x 24 x 15 cm ( L X W X H)

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